These visualizations show the volume distribution of scientific topics related to water research in each country. In other words: what is being studied, where, and in what amount. Darker shades indicate a relatively larger amount of water-related research (bright spots); lighter cells tell us there is a relative lack of this type of research (blind spots). Color values are scaled throughout to produce a general overview of every research topic. This means, however, that individual values for topics in countries can vary widely and still have the same color at the level of the larger heat map.

This overview page serves as a representative snapshot of overall research volume in the corpus. Exact proportions for each research topic are better explored through the Bright and Blind Spots: By Country Group page. For further analysis of the bright and blind spots, download the values as a table below. Note: Our findings are based on a collection of papers related to water research and are not inclusive of research outside the scope of water-related research.

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